ladoga NVG


We are a “not for profit” South Australian based branch of the New Varangian Guard interested in creating an accurate “living history” of life in the Russian village of Staraya Ladoga from the 8th century.

Staraya Ladoga was a major trading centre in early Russian history and gateway to the many waterways travelled by the Varangians throughout Russia.

If you are seriously interested in learning to make hand sewn clothing from this region and time period, cooking traditional fare over an open fire, sleeping on a straw mattress in a viking tent, using household tools and utensils of the time, researching and producing replica’s of archeological finds based on academic papers from this area and experiencing yourself what life may have been like for Staraya Ladoga’s many inhabitants then you might be interested in finding out more about our group.


Portraying life in Staraya Ladoga